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Library Listing

If your looking for a special book on quilting and want to find out what we have on hand in the EQG library, we now have a listing of our books by title and author for quick reference on line.

With several hundred titles you are sure to find what you are looking for and can take advantage of our excellent resources for all things quilting … and more!

May 2017EQG Library BY AUTHOR

May 2017EQG Library BY TITLE

NPCC Membership Benefits-Reciprocal Gallery Listings

As a member of EQG you are also a member of NPCC and receive benefits offered by their connections to many art facilities, services and galleries.  It has been recently noted that several members requested a refresh on the list and organizations available.  This information is available on the NPCC website and for convenience we have provided a link here for the galleries that offer reciprocal free admission with the proviso they are subject to change and it is recommended you check that this benefit is still available:


Every June, after the Annual General Meeting, there are two fun events. The first is the serving of cake, which is surely not to be missed! We also hold a Garage Sale (which more technically should probably be called the Studio A Sale…) where members are invited to bring any quilting items that they no longer want or need, and sell them to fellow guild members.  Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild will keep 15% of the profits to benefit the guild, but the other 85% goes to you, the member selling the items. You are required to price everything ahead of time, using the accepted price tags. (You can download them from this web page, or pick up copies in Studio C.) After the sale the treasurer will tally up your totals, and send you a cheque. For the first time we are enclosing a slip that will allow you to forfeit your proceeds if the amounts are small (less than $5 or any other amount you choose) and this will help the treasurer not have to write lot of cheques for small amounts of money. Please be advised that there will not be any buying or selling of merchandise until the meeting is concluded.

Garage sale instructions and price tags files for download:

Garage sale instructions

Garage sale price tags

In other news……


creativfestival spring 2017

EQG is pleased to announce their participation at creativfestival spring 2017 was a huge success with fantastic turnout for our presentations and constant traffic at our booth to check out the Delightful Selvedge Pot Holders and English Paper Piecing. We had a full house for Comforting Strip Quilts and every seat taken at the Kooky Tilt Quilt demo.    As we get the files and pictures formatted we will be posting more patterns and pics – let’s start with these….

Delightful Selvedge Pot Holders Instructions and Pattern April 2017


English Paper Piecing tutorial April 2017


“Etobicoke Guardian” on-line community listings feature EQG workshops – for details on community activities at NPCC, EQG and the Etobicoke area go to: