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~ Linda Morrish, from the Nov/Dec Newsletter

PR & Social Media Committee Formed

The Public Relations and Webmistress role has been full and extensive over my first year in the position, including establishing branding standards, creating a new brochure, organizing the Saturday morning markets, organizing our booth at the Creativ Festival last Fall and Spring, maintaining the website and following up with print and internet listings. At our last members’ meeting and newsletter, I put out a call for help in supporting our PR presence for growth of the Guild as well as building momentum and initiatives for Quilt Fever 2018. I am please to say that the response was very positive and we now have a Public Relations & Social Media Committee that will help to keep EQG promotions covered in all milieu, including social, print and broadcast media as well as events. I would like to introduce our PR and Website Committee members, and express my thanks to them for stepping forward and assisting with our initiatives.

Morag Johnston – Social Media Support and Website Development

Morag is a new member and has been working in Social Media and Website management since 1995. Morag will help with the updating of our Website including an interactive on-line calendar and manage links for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. She will review and enhance our social media sites to push info into higher level search results as well as be a backup for EQG website updates through WordPress editing.

Sue Kay – Print and Broadcast Media Development

Sue will develop and maintain a list of media contacts and assist in the preparation of copy for distribution of Quilt Fever 2018, EQG workshops, events, news releases for print, as well as seek opportunities for radio & TV community news and announcements.

Deborah Roberts – Location Events Liaison

Deborah will do the telephone and website research, seeking promotional venues for EQG and QF2018 including contacting malls, local markets, and will assist with the organization of events where we can promote the Guild and advertise QF2018.

Janice Telfer – Electronic PR Lists

Janice will research, develop, maintain and expand the list for electronic distribution of posters, updates, reminders and news about our events to other guilds and shops to promote and highlight EQG and Quilt Fever 2018.

Sandra Sarner – Graphic Design

Sandra has offered to assist with the graphic design of our electronic and print material for Quilt Fever 2018 promotions, including the poster we will use for electronic and print distribution.

The PR and Social Media initiatives will begin to roll out much faster and easier with the help from fellow members. I am looking forward to working with everyone and sharing plans and ideas to make sure Quilt Fever 2018 and EQG has a strong presence that will enhance our growth and success. Thank you again to those who stepped forward, your help was needed and will make a difference.