As a way to thank and honour all members of the Guild for their kind acts, including the making of face masks and Comfort Quilts,  we are proposing a HEART TO HEART QUILT CHALLENGE. We are asking members to make one (or more) quilt blocks in honour of a member of the Guild to say thank you to them, and tell us why you chose them. These heart blocks will then be made into quilts and donated through our Comfort Quilts program.

Theme of your block: HEARTS
Size of block: 6 1/2″ or 8 1/2″ or 12 1/2″ unfinished size
Colour: choose your favourite – the scrappier the better
Background fabric: light colour: beige, white, light grey OR reverse your pattern and choose a dark coloured background with a light-coloured heart
Style: you decide – piecing, applique, or your favourite technique

Just attach a piece of paper to your block stating who your block is honouring, and what you are thanking them for (attached are 2 blocks I made just to get started). The notes will then be turned into a collage and posted online for all to see and put on display at our next meeting.
Blocks will then be made into quilts and donated through our Comfort Quilts Program. Either save your block until we next meet, or we can arrange to have finished blocks picked up once every few weeks (contactless pickup only) and deliver a group of blocks to anyone willing to put them together. Let us know if you want a pick up or drop off by emailing info@etobicokequiltersguild.com

This will only take a few minutes of your time. We can easily make one in between making masks or finishing other projects we are working on. And if every member just makes one quilt block, imagine how many beautiful quilts will be created for a such great cause.
Bee Well, Stay Home and Stay Healthy