Help Promote Quilt Fever 2018

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Our PR committee is in the final stretch of promoting our big event, Quilt Fever 2018 — and PUBLIC RELATIONS NEEDS YOU TO DO A LITTLE BIT MORE!

We have made many inroads through electronic listings on quilt and community event sites, publishing in quilt-related magazines and papers, sending our poster to over 75 quilt guilds and over 150 quilt shops in Ontario, as well as local community care homes. We reached out and garnered coverage with local Councillors and MPPs through their newsletters and at municipal offices, distributed over 6,500 postcards and set up a dedicated web page providing details online and a Facebook event to share. And we are promoting at the Cloverdale Mall community kiosk.

Here are some of the ways you can continue to support the success of QF2018.

Share our Facebook Event Page

SOCIAL MEDIA will have a very big impact and offers widespread coverage, as sharing sites and pictures is a wonderful and free way to spread the word. It’s simple too:

  1. just go to our Facebook page,
  2. find the Quilt Fever 2018 event and
  3. hit the SHARE button – you can select all or select specific friends with whom to share.
  4. In addition, while on the event page, click and select you are GOING, as that will also be shared and open the opportunity for your friends to join in the fun.

Distribute Postcards and Posters Whenever and Wherever You Can

We very much appreciated members who took stacks of postcards to quilt shops when we first received them, and everyone who is distributing their “10 pack” from the January and February 2018 members meetings.

There is an ample supply of postcards and posters located in Studio C cupboards — please help yourself and continue to drop them off and post them in your community.

Volunteer at Our Cloverdale Mall Community Kiosk Days

We will be at the community kiosk at Cloverdale Mall and shifts are three hours long. If you can attend a shift please add your name to the vacant time slots on the volunteer board in Studio C.

10 am – 4 pm on Saturday March 10,
10 am – 7 pm on two Fridays, March 2
10 am – 7 pm on two Fridays, March 16

As the countdown begins, our promotions will be in as many venues as possible, and we would like to thank all the members who have helped with spreading the word and hope you can continue to do so right up until we have our great show and sale at Quilt Fever 2018.