Each year, EQG members have an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques by attending small workshops led by professional teachers and fibre artists. This provides a wonderful, low-cost opportunity to grow and evolve as a quilter.

Some workshops are open to non-members, if space is available.

Workshops are usually held in Studio C at Neilson Park Creative Centre unless otherwise stated.  Times are as shown.


Your registration for a workshop will not be confirmed until payment in full has been received. There are two ways to register for a workshop: 1. Register and pay at a guild meeting; OR 2. Mail a cheque payable to Etobicoke Quilters Guild: c/o Neilson Park Creative Centre, 56 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 1V7, Attention: Workshop Please include your name, telephone number, email address and name of the workshop with the cheque.

Cancellation policy

Due to financial commitments incurred in arranging workshops, refunds are not made unless a workshop is cancelled. If you cannot attend a workshop for which you have registered, you may ask someone else to attend in your place.

Learn to Quilt 2 – Sample This!

Learn to Quilt – Beginners Course

“I Want To Make An Art Quilt – But I Cannot Draw” – Joyce O’Connell

Free Motion Quilting for the Timid – Heather Black

The Beginners’ Quilting Course – Wed evenings through May 30

Past Workshops

Here are examples of past workshop programmes that enhanced members and non-members skills with a variety of opportunities.

Stash Buster – Sandy Lindal

Modern Quilts with Elaine Theriault

The Beginners’ Quilting Course – Wed evenings through Nov 29

Sample this! Monday Evenings through Nov 27


Secrets of the Farmers Wife: Fearlessly Figuring out Tricks and Tips

Stained Glass Technique Tutorial

Improv Design

Hand Quilting

Open Thread Bar


Elephants on Parade

Wonky Variations on a Traditional Theme

The Quilted Rug



Throw Me A Curve!

Machine Quilting Workshop