Past Workshops


Here is an example of past workshop programmes that enhanced members and non-members skills with a variety of opportunities.

2016 – 2017

Secrets of the Farmers Wife: Fearlessly Figuring out Tricks and Tips with Johanna Masko

Saturday June 3, 2017.9:30AM -3:30PM


secrets of a farmers wife image 1

Secrets of Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

This workshop is based on what Johanna learned and used while constructing her own Farmer’s Wife sampler quilt. It is based on a book by the same name by Laurie Aaron Hird. Instead of using the templates provided (the least efficient way to construct the blocks), Johanna  uses every math formula and streamlining construction technique to make the quilt. Students can apply all her great tips and techniques toward any grid based block in any size. The goal is not to make all the blocks during the class, but to learn how to work smarter and more efficiently when making the blocks on your own.

Students need a few contrasting FQs to play with, plus mats, cutters and grid rulers. The book is used as a reference point, so if people want to share or get their own, either is fine.

There is no prep aside from bringing supply list items to come. Johanna will bring her finished quilt to class for show and tell.

Stained Glass Technique Tutorial with Joni Newman

Saturday April 22, 2017. 9:30AM -3:30PMstain glass image 1

Discover a fabulous, easy method to make gorgeous stained glass quilts. Years of experience experimenting with many different techniques and a little trial and has led Joni to discover the technique that works the best! See how to use raw edge fusible applique to create scenes from nature and other stained glass style images. Joni Newman walks you through the making of a stained glass quilt and shares lots of tips stain glass image 2and lavish samples. Participants will need to pre – purchase a pattern and complete tracing prior to the class.

Check out the Technique —

Check out the Gallery —

Improv Design with Jen Houlden

improve design image 1.jpegSaturday March 25, 2017

This sounds like a lot of fun and gets those creative juices flowing. Spend the day learning design concepts related to composition and colour.

Start with a bag of supplies and each hour receive a set of instructions  5 sets in all to complete a small art project. See how many different techniques can be incorporated into the piece using all kinds of media.  You can use a mix of fabrics, (silks, upholstery, etc, add embellishments and use different threads in your design.A kit fee will apply to this class.For all levels of quilters.


Hand Quilting with Carmen Portelli

Carmen headshot

Carmen Portelli hand quilting expert.

Saturday Dec 3, 2016.– 9:30AM -3:30PM

This is for those who would like to perfect (or learn) hand quilting skill. The look of hand quilting brings to mind the charm of old quilts as well as the intricacies of beautiful patterning in modern design.Hand quilting is also a great way to relax and sooth the brain while the hands are busy.

Carmen Portelli is one of our masters. She will walk you through the basics and help you learn or improve technique.

Other accomplished hand quilters from our guild are also coming to sit beside you and help out in your quest to learn a new old craft.

Open Thread Bar with Anita Zobens

open thread bar image 2 Saturday Oct 29, 2016.– 9:30AM -3:30PM

Haopen thread bar image 1.jpgve you ever wanted to experiment with different threads before buying them?

Well, now you can! I bring the threads, and you bring your machine. Enjoy a full day of using all the Superior Threads and see how they perform in your machine.

No UFO.No project.No stress.

Learn how to choose the correct needles, and how to overcome your fear of the tension dial. We’ll discuss the properties of the different threads available today so that you can make an informed (and inspired) decision when choosing thread.

At the end of the day you will have a new perspective on threads and your own samplers for future reference. Anita is an educator and retailer with Superior Thread. For those wishing to engage in retail therapy threads will be available for purchase after class.

KATHY K. WYLIE Applique:

Sat. April 23, 2016 9:30 to 3:30

Several of you have requested that internationally renowned quilter Kathy Wylie provide a day of ideas and inspiration for creative applique, as well as demonstrating the use of the Kathy WylieApliquick tools. The bulk of the day will be devoted to an exciting and original appliKW 2que method. Details to come. The method will be suitable for all levels and you will learn to master smooth curves, sharp points and perfect circles with this hand-applique technique. Kathy is also a distributor of the Apliquick tools which are small, deceptively simple stainless steel rods, developed in Europe that many applique aficionados call indispensable for executing an exact result with greater ease. Check out Kathy’s website for a look at her work and more information about the artist herself.

LORNA McMAHON Elephants on Parade:

Sat. April 2, 2016 9:30 to 3:30 in Studio C at NPCC $45

008 No, it’s not paper piecing; they are pieced blocks done by Lorna McMahon, Lornaa prolific quilter, blogger and business woman who has turned her passion for quilt design into a forum for sharing, tutorials, quilt alongs, and sales of her beautiful work. Check out her blog at for an eyeful of wonderful. And now she is coming to us to share her pattern, her techniques, as well as her take on colour. There are many variations on a theme and in this workshop you can make any project you like, a quilt of any size, a table runner, a wall hanging, pillow slip, etc. and Lorna will assist you in creating a fun and young or magical and sophisticated piece.

SUSAN BOWSLAUGH Wonky Variations on a Traditional Theme

Sat.Feb. 20, 2016 9:30 to 3:30

SB3Step out of the box and try some fun stuff to create a new take on an old craft. Susan Bowslaugh, a fabulous modern quilter from the Niagara region, will take you through the paces. This workshop will teach you some of the basics for creating wonky designs for a more modern look. Make a few SB2practice blocks with odds and ends from your scrap stash. Play with colour for a different look and feel. Techniques will include the basics for: Wonky log cabins, wonky strips, wonky 9 patch, wonky curvy  blocks, wonky waves, wonky stacked coins, wonky rail fence, wonky stained glass, and offset block. The photos below will give you an idea of what is to come. Some tips for colour selection, as well as suggestions for quilting, will also be addressed.


AL COTE The Quilted Rug

Sat. Dec. 5, 2015

Using at least three and up to five, half-metres of fabric in various colours and Al Cotepatterns, we will create layers, including batting and backing. Using your own “doodle” design stitched onto the top layer, we will then cut through the layers to reveal the colours underneath. Using our free-motion foot and coloured threads, we will  finish with decorative stitching to create a one-of-a-kind quilted floor  rug or wall hanging. Check out the website for lots more pictures and detail about Al’s work.

Zen – MagZen quiltgie Butterfield Dickinson

Saturday May 9, 2015.

Maggie Butterfield Dickinson refers to quilting as a door to experimentation and discovery; so come and discover the mood or magic you can create with your Zen quilt (featured Feb 2009 American Patchwork).  Modern, flowing and simple, the Zen quilt can be made with a ton of batiks or whatever else you chose.  Half the blocks are setting blocks* and the rest are pieced. An illusion is created where three small squares seem to float against the background. It looks great with any colourway* or group of fabrics. All levels of quilter will be successful and you will be pleased by how quickly this quilt takes shape and design.  Join us for a day of cutting sewing and laughs.

* a setting block is a single rectangle of unpieced fabric — a colourway is a range of colours in one style or design.
Colours Kathleen Boyle Hatcher

Saturday April 18, 2015.

Would you benefit from a little colour theory to ensure your quilt colours pop, blend or suit the mood?  Then check out this Saturday workshop with our own Kathleen Boyle Hatcher.This workshop will:

Touch on the colour wheel, (but not in excruciating detail)

Focus on tips, tricks and (almost) sure fire bets.

Look at:

What exactly is ‘value’ and why is it sometimes more important than colour?

What the heck is meant by warm or cool colours and can they go together?

Colour wheelWhat about scale, intensity, hue?

How do you give your quilt a little zip?

Participants will have an opportunity to play with activities that will help you notice colour, colour combinations, as well as learn about what pleases you and reflects a ‘mood’ you want to create.  And there is not prep or investment for this class.  You will just be asked to bring some of your stash scraps and some colourful pictures that appeal to you.

Throw Me A Curve! – Elaine Theriault 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Piecing curves is easy! This class will walk you through three different types of curves: a traditional curve, an inserted circle and a free-form piecing. You can combine all three techniques into one finished piece or keep each technique separate for your sample book.

Machine Quilting Workshop

Presented by Martha Schellingerhound -Saturday, October 25, 2014 

Have you ever wanted to try machine quilting but don’t know where to start? Are you a machine quilter and want to learn more? Come to this interactive workshop where you not only learn but you also try many methods. Some of the exciting methods include: various all-over patters, arc gridding and easy and more challenging feathers. Two easy machine trapunto methods will be learned as well. Machine settings, thread types and marking tools will be reviewed. Participants will make a number of 12″ sample blocks.