Giving Back

Comfort Quilts


Carmen and Marianne hard at work making comfort quilts.

TRY YOUR HAND! A comfort quilt can be an ideal
practice piece for hand quilting. Come give it a try in Studio C, or take a quilt home to work on. On a frame or in a hoop, or even in your lap — experience the zen of hand quilting.

The Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild is proud of its long-standing “Comfort Quilt” program, which began in 1989. Members create unique and beautiful quilts to be donated to charities. Each year we donate more than one hundred quilts to provide comfort to people of all ages in hospices and shelters across Metropolitan Toronto.

Organizations who receive Comfort Quilts:

  • 416 Community Support for Women
  • New Visions
  • Homes First
  • Beatrice House (YWCA)
  • Youth Without Shelter
  • The Parkdale Parent’s Primary Prevention Project
  • Youth Without Shelter
  • The Gatehouse
  • Loft Community Services
  • The Salvation Army

You can get involved by volunteering your time to work on Comfort Quilts during Open Studio days at Neilson Park Creative Centre or in your own sewing space:

  • Use EQG’s fabric, prepared by the Comfort Quilt program coordinators and  volunteers, to make a pieced quilt top
  • Machine quilt or hand tie a quilt that has been layered and pinned
  • Hand stitch binding to a finished quilt

Volunteers pick up their quilting “home work” packages at EQG’s monthly meetings.

EQG’s Comfort Quilt program is made possible by funds raised through the Quilt Fever raffles, and fabric donations by Northcott Silk Co Ltd., guild members and the local public.

Are your cupboards overflowing? We are always happy to receive donations of 100% cotton fabric, batting, sewing and embroidery thread, and yarn suitable for baby clothes, shawls and afghans.

The Wellness Committee of Kangiqsujuaq

Four years ago two of our quilters, Gail Gallow and Yvette Fournier, spent a memorable two weeks conducting a beginner’s workshop in the village of Kangiqsujuaq in the eastern Arctic (northern Quebec). It was at the invitation of the then mayor, who when visiting another village where quilts were displayed, reportedly exclaimed: “I want to bring those blankets to my village.” Her initiative was indeed successful.

In spite of working under less than ideal conditions in a part of the community arena, where the light was not great and the hydro power was lost intermittently, teaching took place, quilts were created and proudly displayed by the participants. Gail and Yvette proved to be excellent ambassadors for our guild and our craft. They were patient teachers, respectful of Inuit culture, made many friends and were missed when they left. It soon became clear that the arena could not serve as a place for sewing and quilting in the long run. Hence the village council decided to build and furnish a sewing centre, a both costly and time consuming undertaking.

The Wellness Committee of Kangiqsujuaq has invited our quilters to conduct another two-week workshop in the end of March. Financial support is being provided by NIIP (Nunalituquait Ikajuqatigiitut Inuit Association) as well as The Brighter Futures program.

The course will include making baby quilts with young mothers who will receive parenting advice and support from the local Wellness worker at the same time. The goal is to teach parenting skills to new mothers and also help them create a lasting craft project in the form of a quilt.

The support for the project four years ago of the Board of Directors, individual members of our guild, the Mississauga Quilters’ Guild and our merchants was outstanding. We were able to ship a number of boxes of quilting material which is still available at The Sewing Centre.