No Comments on NPCC MATTERS

~ Nancy Green, NPCC rep, in the Nov/Dec Newsletter

Hello fellow quilters— the NPCC board has been very busy over the summer and I am sure you are hearing about the buzz of the changes. I was very happy to see the guild well represented at the Change Management workshop, as it demonstrates that our members are reading the info and seeking clarity. If you have not read the draft info, I urge you to access it by the website under “About Us,” or via the weekly newsletter, where it is up front and prominent with the links to the draft documents, Questions and Answers, Vision document and quick and easy-to-read summaries.

As I have consistently said from last January, we need to make some changes to ensure our house stands tall and we can shelter there to quilt, and challenge our creativity for innovation and delight. If you have questions, we are doubly blessed to have two guild representatives on the Strategic Planning Group. Please do not hesitate to ask either Brenda Shewchuk or myself if you have questions. We will be providing coffee stops and open house info sessions to make sure that what is being proposed is understood. The three “Cs” of the message need to be considered if we are to be sustainable and nurture the centre for solid success.

We must move from a private club to build a structure that allows us to focus on:

  • Charitable status
  • Committee structure for strong participation of the RG, members’ needs and community
  • Community focus for increased access and support, fundraising and programming

If we are able to make these changes, we will be better able to a present ourselves to the funders and enablers who want to support our centre but — until we fit their criteria and increase our approach to the broader community, fill our unutilized space and hours, and enable the arts on a broader scale — we struggle.

I hope this brings you up to date, and that you will ask the questions you have. I am anxious to get to Studio C to try and build my meagre skills— but this is taking time and energy that I hope will make an important difference, and we are working hard to keep our “happy place “strong and sustainable. We cannot do it alone.