Quilt Fever 2020 Chair Leads announced and committee assembly begins!

Val Shishido and Chris Brody have stepped forward as co-Committee Chairs for Quilt Fever 2020 – congratulations and thanks to both of them for taking on this important role.

Val and Chris have begun to co-ordinate Quilt Fever 2020 requirements and are also assembling their committee  leads for all aspects of the show.

Quilt Fever 2020 dates have been set for Friday March 27 and Saturday March 28. Mark this date in your calendar and contact Val and Chris if you are available to help particularly for the Tea Room, Pick-to-Win and Vendors committees. A kick-off meeting of all committee leads will be forthcoming around April or May and news will be coming forward on a regular basis now that the team is gearing up.

The excitement begins!!!

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