Reminder: Sign up for a Members’ Boutique Code!

A reminder to all members to sign up for a members’ boutique code letter as soon as possible. You must have a code letter to participate in the members’ boutique and along with this code letter you will receive a “boutique package” which will include all the information you need to sell items which could include: fabric; handmade items (no food); craft books; notions; craft/sewing equipment etc. Reminder – 15% of sale price goes to EQG, 85% to seller.

Please contact Donna Brock to receive your code letter and boutique information package by email or phone. Her contact information is in the email you received via GoogleGroups.

Also – please contact Lisa Teskey if you wish to donate items (fabric, made items (no food), notions, books etc. etc.) that EQG can sell with 100% of the sales price going to EQG.

NOT SURE YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE? That’s okay – signing up isn’t an obligation but it does allow you the option up until the checking in of items in the week preceding the show.

The success of the Members’ Boutique relies on the participation of as many members as possible.

Look forward to hearing from all our talented and entrepreneurial members.