Request for Proposal: Bookkeeping Services for CQA/ACC

Request for Proposal: Bookkeeping Services for CQA/ACC

Canadian Quilters Association/ Association canadienne de la courtepointe (CQA/ACC) is requesting proposals from bookkeeping firms and qualified individuals to perform bookkeeping services beginning January 1, 2018, with an annual contract agreement.

1. Background information
CQA/ACC is a national non-profit organization with a mission to promote and celebrate quilting and Canadian quilters by preserving the traditions of those who have come before us while looking to new and creative ways to enhance quilting for the present and future. CQA/ACC depends mostly on membership fees, annual conference and sponsorships to further our mission.
2. Scope of bookkeeping services
Under the direction of the Executive Director and Treasurer, the Bookkeeper maintains all necessary and appropriate records, files, and processes to ensure the smooth and compliant financial operation of the organization.

  • Keep accurate financial records using standard accounting practices by making the appropriate entries on Sage 50 Simply Accounting
  • Record sales invoices for membership, sponsorship, advertising, insurance, and other sales as directed.
  • Record cash receipts which may include receiving and depositing payments including cheques and credit card entries.
  • Record purchase invoices.
  • Record and prepare payments for release.
  • Record expense account claim forms.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements,  credit card accounts, and accounts receivable and payable.
  • Provide report including above reconciliations and Trial Balance within one week of month end.
  • Provide any other records in a timely manner as requested.
  • Provide appropriate financial records in conjunction with treasurer input for year end audit.
  • File and prepare GST/HST returns.
  • Prepare biweekly payrolls and government remittances.
  • Generate T4.
  • Be readily available to answer questions from Executive Director and Treasurer as needed.

3. Term of Bookkeeping Services
The contract for bookkeeping services based upon CQA/ACC Board approval will be for a period from January1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. At the end of ninety days of service, both CQA/ACC and the contractor will have the option to terminate this contract and renegotiate the fee for continued bookkeeping services. Such condition will be executable with at least thirty days’ notice to the other party.

4. Proposal Content
To describe clearly the proposed understanding of the work to be done, the following content must be included in the proposals:
Qualification Component
The proposer must demonstrate the capability to perform the above-stated bookkeeping services in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  It is strongly preferred that the proposer also have non-profit experience.  Please:

  • Provide, as references, three current and/or past clients, the length of time the proposer has worked with each client and a short summary of services provided in each case. Please also provide email and telephone contact information for each client.
  • Provide a CV or resume of the professional who proposes to direct the overall bookkeeping service activity.  This should include information about the individual’s educational background and relevant experience.

Estimated Fees
Please state the estimated fee for providing bookkeeping services for the period January 1, 2018 though December 31, 2018. Currently, time spent on bookkeeping activities is 20 – 25 hours per week.
Administrative Component

  • Explain the approaches to performing the bookkeeping services required by CQA/ACC.
  • List expenditures that will be absorbed by the contractor, e.g. postage, copy charges, etc.
  • List expenditures that will be additional charges to CQA/ACC.
  • Indicate proposed billing rate for expanded services if the need should arise.

5. Conditions for Submission of Proposal

  • Proposals must address each of the bookkeeping service requirements as stated in this RFP.
  • The proposer shall furnish such additional information that CQA/ACC may reasonably require.
  • CQA/ACC may ask proposers to send a representative for an interview prior to the Board approving a proposal.  CQA/ACC will not be liable for costs incurred by the proposer in connection with such an interview.

6. Procedures for Submission of Proposal
Proposal to the RFP should be received no later than Thursday, November 30, 2017, at 5 p.m. EST by email to:
Carole McCarville, CQA/ACC Executive Director
If you have questions about the proposal, the organization, or any matter contained within this RFP, please submit your questions via email Questions submitted after 5 pm EST Tuesday, November 28, 2017 will not be answered.