Welcome to Studio C

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~ Janice Telfer, EQG president, Nov/Dec newsletter

It’s autumn and my sewing machine is whirring away again, making me quite content in my sewing nook under the basement stairs! I love my sewing space, as I know where everything is and, while it is not always tidy when I am in the middle of a scrappy quilt, there is a place for everything when I periodically tidy up.

I am always fascinated by how different each of our sewing spaces are. I dream of a light-filled room, with spacious cupboards to hide everything, lots of table surface for cutting, pressing and basting, and a vertical design wall to hold my blocks in progress. Hey, wait a minute — that sounds like Studio C in Neilson Park Creative Centre!

Studio C is a unique place, and one that EQG members are fortunate to have the use of. Studio C differentiates our guild from other guilds. In addition to

being a great sewing environment, it is also a safe place to develop friendships, find inspiration in what others are working on, ask opinions, or get advice on the project you are tackling… etc!

As members, we currently pay a $3 drop-in contribution when we use Studio C on a Monday, Wednesday/Thursday, or Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon. This has helped cover the cost of equipment and supplies available to members, and the rent from NPCC. In September 2017, NPCC increased the studio rental rates and, while drop-in fees no longer cover the studio rental, the guild has decided to absorb the shortfall for the coming year. We believe Studio C is very important to our members and we want to continue to make it available. Usage will be monitored to ensure we are not renting space when it is not utilized.

Perhaps I will crawl out from under my basement stairs and see you in Studio C soon!