Colour with a U – Kitchener Bus Trip March 14

The Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild is arranging another bus trip!

Join us to view the new exhibit  Colour with a U at the Homer Waterson House & Gallery in Kitchener

Date:          Sat 14 Mar 2020

Time:         Bus leaves NPCC at 11:00 returns at 15:00

Where:      Homer Watson House & Gallery in Kitchener

Cost  :        $15 – includes bus and entry

How:          Payment at time of sign up in Studio C during EQG Open Studio days (see EQG website for dates and times)

Be inspired and experience an insightful perspective on our Canadian cultural identity. This is a juried show of works by Canadian members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA),

 Exhibition Theme:  In Canada, we spell colour with a “u”. We also spell labour, favourite, honour, and neighbour with a “u”. That “u” could stand for unique, unforgettable, universal, unity, understanding, utopia. It could include the unusual, unexpected, unbound, unabashed, unaccounted, uncanny. We care about the “u”; it makes us unique.

We care about the “you”; it brings us together.

So let this bus trip be an opportunity to bring us together. Bring a relative, friend or neighbour!