EQG Starts Book Club for Members

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We hope you are enjoyed many of last  year’s wonderful activities brought to you by the Guild including workshops, drop ins and special events including our December meeting that included the traditional Bingo game and we would like to add a special congratulations to our lucky  winners and thank all participants from the fun “traditional” event.

While the Guild has hosted many successful online sessions & seminars, we also appreciate the need for some other type of events and activities, so with this in mind, we would like to invite you to join the   Book Club initiative (click for details)

Any member who does not receive a book in the first round, don’t worry as we will be hosting this event again.

A synopsis of the books can be found here:

The Quilter’s Apprentice: https://jenniferchiaverini.com/books/the-quilters-apprentice/

The Quilter’s Homecoming:  https://jenniferchiaverini.com/books/the-quilters-homecoming/

The Aloha Quilt:  https://jenniferchiaverini.com/books/the-aloha-quilt/

When you have finished reading this book, should you wish to share this copy with another member, we can collect them and (after being “sanitized and quarantined”) pass them along to someone who has not yet read this novel.

Please let us know if you have any questions please contact:

Mona Cormier – email:  cormier.mona@gmail.com

Liz Argue – email:  esargue33@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy the EQG Book Club.

Mona Cormier

Etobicoke Quilters’ Guild

Membership Convener