National Quilting Day March 20, 2021 – Agenda Released

National Quilting Day – March 20, 2021

 For members who plan to participate in the EQG National Quilting day, the Agenda is outlined below. You will be emailed a Zoom link as we get closer to the date, and you will be able to come and go during the day as much as you’d like. Join in the fun! 

10 am – Welcome, hellos, and show us what you’re going to work on today!

10:30 am – Break-out Room 1: Springtime Wall Hanging (Marilyn Breen and Claire Franceschetti)

11:30 am – Break-out Room 1: Show us your Sewing Room/Space*

12:00 pm — Break-out Room 2: Hand Piecing (Mary Cates)

12:30 pm – Lunch in break-out rooms

1:30 pm – Break-out Room 1: Quick-sew a springtime napkin (Janice Telfer)

2:00 pm — Break-out Room 2: How to sew a Y-seam by machine (Karen Cooper)

2:30 pm — Break-out Room 1: Strip Piecing/Quilt-As-You-Go (Carmen Portelli)

3:000 pm – Break-out Room 2: Exercise break (Karen Cooper)

3:30 pm – Break-out Room 1: Vintage Quilt Show and Tell*

4:00 pm — Break-out Room 2: English Paper Piecing (Karen Cooper)

4:30 pm – Show us what you accomplished today!

5:00 pm – Farewells


* If you want to participate in showing your sewing room or the vintage quilt show, please let Karen know ahead of time so that we can plan for time.

All the break-out rooms are completely optional! They are running consecutively so that you can attend as many or as few as you wish!