Studio C cancelled until Nov 7 or further notice.

We are in the second wave of covid and the reintroduction of government restrictions. As a gathering space, and with the newly announced restrictions, NPCC is only allowed 10 guests inside the facility at any time, including staff, teachers and construction workers.

Effective immediately there is a 28 day building closure and cancellation of all studio and gallery bookings.  As we approach November 7th the situation will be reassessed and the re-opening of the Centre will be based on further government mandates.

As a result EQG’s use of  Studio C,    which recently resumed,  will  be discontinued effective October 14th through to November 7th after which members will be advised by both NPCC and our Executive on the status of further scheduling.  This does not affect the Studio Z zoom meetings which will continue as scheduled.

If you have any questions please send them to our Executive and enjoy your time on Zoom still meeting fellow quilters and sharing your quilting experiences.