Upcoming EQG Members’ Meetings

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April 19 (ZOOM): Guest Speaker Lorraine Roy — Call of the Heartwood: My Creative Journey with Trees

Textile artist Lorraine Roy will present her artistic journey in words and pictures as she describes how trees wove their way into her art and her heart. Lorraine will describe the variety of non-traditional fabric and thread techniques that have evolved over her 30-year career, and will present a trunk (slide) show of current pieces.

A horticulturalist by training from University of Guelph, Lorraine uses current scientific research in horticulture and forestry as a main inspiration for her framed and quilted artworks. This lecture will appeal to artists of all stripes, environmentalists, gardeners, and anyone who exalts in the presence of trees.

May 17 (ZOOM): Guest Speaker Bridget O’Flaherty —

Title: How to Be a Green Quilter: Making Our Passion More Eco-Friendly

Are you environmentally conscious? Bridget O’Flaherty gives us an in-depth look at our quilting options and her art work, and some of the costs of being green. What does sustainability mean and how is it being addressed in the textile industry? Organic fabric, recycled content threads, natural fibres and dyes — where do you find them and how do you know what to look for? Find out how you can reduce your environmental impact as a quilter, fibre artist, or business owner.

Inspired by nature, Bridget O’Flaherty is passionate about the environment and feels an intimate connection to the landscape and wildlife of Canada. She has worked in textile arts for over 25 years and is drawn to fibre for its tactile nature and connection to the land. Bridget begins with local wool from a neighbouring sheep farm, processing it to create felted fabric to use in her detailed wildlife and landscape embroideries. She “draws” with her sewing machine, building up layers of multi-coloured thread to create her art. She uses combinations of local, recycled content, organic thread and materials, botanical dyes, and sustainably managed and sometimes local wood in every original work. While depicting the Canadian landscape, the precious eco-systems and wildlife with her art, Bridget hopes the viewer will take away an appreciation and connection to the beautiful, fragile aspects in nature.


Check her out on Instagram: @bridgetoflaherty_textileartist

June 21  Our Annual General Meeting